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I have been in the recruitment industry for 23 years and have been offering Career Coaching for nearly half of that time.  I am a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.  

My speciality is helping people at a crossroads with their career; whether that is as a result of divorce, redundancy or just simply that they need some inspiration and a professional recruiter to help them understand their strengths.

As well as coaching, I support clients with writing CVs and job applications.  I offer brainstorming sessions, interview training and also guidance on imposter syndrome and low self esteem and confidence.​

I have many clients who are returning to work or changing career after separation and/or divorce; we navigate this emotional journey together as we carefully work through possible job options, self employment or volunteering.  I have been divorced myself and, as a single working parent, I have heaps of empathy for anyone walking this path. 

Please do read what my clients say on my website; my intention for coaching is that my clients feel that they are being truly heard, at a very deep level.  Often, when they are sharing with me, I capture these precious pieces of information that they tell me and re-present them back to the client (mirroring), adding my own unique take on what is perhaps emerging and not being realised in the moment. 

Each session is 60 minutes and we always end with a summary of what has been spoken about during our time together.  I also send a personalised email at the end of every session which contains a summary and "homework", to save my clients scribbling things down, enabling them to be fully present.​

I offer both online and in-person coaching sessions. Whether you're seeking guidance in your career, life, or personal development, I am ready to support you on your journey.  I am based in Farnham, Surrey in the UK.

If you are not sure if coaching is right for you, please email me and we can have a free, 20 minute phone call.


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