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Claire Deacon

I am a Parent, Business Owner, Recruitment Specialist and Career Coach.  I am the Founder of Earning Capacity Report, a business that I set up during Lockdown for divorcing couples who cannot agree on one party's earning capacity.  The report has been described by family lawyers as "useful in keeping cases out of Court" and a Judge commented that the report was"empowering".  

I have two children, one who has Autism and I know the challenges of divorce, separation, co parenting and working. 

The report was created in lockdown, when I was going through 3 Court Hearings on Zoom.  I was representing myself and I had never spoken to a Judge directly.  The report I did for myself gave me handrails to navigate the Hearing and enabled me to remember key points that both supported my desire to work, yet reminded me to speak about the reality that I could not reach full earning potential until my children were a lot older.

I love the work that I do and my driving force is using my own journey to help others.  I work with individuals or their legal representative by providing independent Earning Capacity Reports to assess an individual's earning capacity in the short, medium and long term.  I give examples of roles and salaries that can be achieved, whilst acknowledging any barriers to work that exist.  I only take instructions from the person wishing to have their own earning capacity assessed or a joint instruction from a couple.  The reason I do this is to ensure that the report is truly empowering and is written for someone, not about them.

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All About Me

I have worked in the recruitment industry for over 20 years on roles varying from Receptionist to CEO, Chairman and even Chief Scout for The Scouting Association (Bear Grylls).  I love the challenge of finding the perfect candidate for my clients and watching businesses grow and develop as they build their teams and their revenues. 

I created the Earning Capacity Report after my own divorce in 2015.  I represented myself at many Court Hearings and I did not have a clue what I was doing.  I knew that I needed to have a document to refer to which detailed not only what I had done in the past, but what I could do now, when the kids were a bit older and when the kids had left education.  I wanted to be able to speak about the reality of my situation, backed up by factual evidence.

My work as a career coach came about naturally, after years of interviewing people through my recruitment.  I work mainly with people who are at a crossroads in their life and career and need some clarity, direction and practical help to get them to the next point.  I have completed the Coach Training from The Institute of Psychosynthesis in the UK and am awaiting accreditation.

I work with family lawyers who need an expert to comment on an individual's earning capacity.  



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