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Image by Aaron Burden

I write independent earning capacity reports for individuals, their legal representatives and separating couples.

In order for me to complete the report I will spend at hour with my client to ascertain the current situation and what earning capacity could be based on what the individual being assessed has done to date, their skills and achievements, qualifications and just about anything else that could be valuable to an employer.  As well as paid work, I also take into account parenting, volunteering and any other role that the person has taken on. 


Equally as important are any barriers that might preclude the individual from working or from working to their full potential.  This might include childcare, animal care, a learning disability, special educational needs for them or their family, illness, injury or mental health conditions.  Often confidence can be a barrier, particularly if my someone has not worked for a long time or has worked at home as a parent or in another capacity.  

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