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I write earning capacity reports for separating couples as an independent voice in mediation or Court proceedings where an individual's earning capacity cannot be agreed on, without independent, professional advice.

The process:

  • Take the instruction in writing confirming there is no conflict 

  • Have a 1hr briefing call to get an understanding of the person's experience that I am writing about

  • Undertake comprehensive research on the job market, any special circumstances, salary surveys, training providers, childcare providers and anything else that I need to complete the report

  • Complete a separate document which includes all the sources and evidence I have used to complete my report

  • Submit the report with a declaration that I am prepared to attend Court if necessary 

How Much Is The Report?

Each report is different and requires a different amount of time and research.  Please email me for a quotation.


How Long Does a Report Take to Write?

I am usually able to create a report within 7 working days of the "briefing call".


Do You Need A CV?

I often write reports about someone's spouse and am given brief information but enough for me to make an independent and professional assessment.  Any CV would need to be redacted for GDPR.  Usually, I can write a report based on information gathered in the 1hr briefing call.


How Do You Do It?

I approach the subject of the report as a candidate and I am assessing their suitability for work, rather than for a specific role.  Their previous work experience, whether paid or unpaid will be taken into account as well as any qualifications, languages spoken or courses attended.  I will then research jobs and salaries in the market and use a formula to understand what someone could earn in the short, medium and long term.  Their previous experience, availability and current skillset will determine which kind I roles I think they could perform.


What Makes You An Expert?

I have been in the recruitment industry for 23 years and have worked for various organisations and found, interviewed and placed 100s of candidates into roles of varying seniority in almost all sectors of industry.  The amount of work I have done in recruitment has given me an exceptional ability to discern someone's suitability for a role and what training they might need to achieve a particular role.  My knowledge has been gained through 100s of interviews with candidates and taking briefs from many clients who are looking for very specific skillsets and behaviours.  

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