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An independent report written by a recruitment expert that gives an indication of earning capacity, both now and at key life stages.


about the report

The Earning Capacity Report™ is an independent, professional assessment of an individual's earning capacity.  It will detail what an earning capacity is both now, and at a point in the future, with example roles that could be expected to be undertaken and with suggested salaries that could be achieved.


I will construct a report, setting out career options and expected earnings, based on the individual's previous work experience, qualifications and their capacity to work in the short, medium and long term.  I will also provide an earnings forecast or timeline which is particularly useful in divorce or mediation.  

What makes the report totally unique is that it is written by a UK recruitment expert with over 20 years of experience within international recruitment, headhunting, interviewing and career coaching.  

My 23 year corporate career in recruitment is the basis of my reports and also of my coaching practice.  I have a speciality of working with people on a 6 week coaching programme which includes dealing with confidence issues as well as rebuilding someone after a divorce and helping them to navigate their way back to work or into a different kind of work.

The report will also recommend any training, career coaching, work experience or voluntary hours that should be undertaken to maximise the individual's attractiveness in the market.  Recommendations can be given for short, medium and long term working scenarios, together with expected earnings.  

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