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What Clients Say

Saika Alam, Partner, Branch Austin (Family Law)

“ I would highly recommend Claire's reports. The reports are well researched and are a comprehensive analysis of an individual's capacity to work. The reports take account of factors such any barriers an individual may face in finding work, an individual’s skills and experience and how these might be enhanced, the local job market, the economy and salary surveys. The reports draw upon Claire’s extensive experience of 20 years in the recruitment industry. They can greatly assist the parties in claims for financial provision particularly the consideration of spousal maintenance i.e. whether these orders should be made and how long for.”  Saika Alam, Partner, Branch Austin (Family Law)

Mrs P (Client)

"The report was extremely helpful in highlighting my career strengths, as well as my barriers to work. It provided a timeline from Claire’s professional perspective about when I could be expected to be earning both a part time and then a full time salary, highlighting the costs and duration of any necessary training required with an expected starting salary. The report was able to be referencePd as a non biased and impartial report in Mediation, and if necessary Court, which enabled discussion and eventually a successful agreement to be reached on issues relating to Maintenance."  Mrs P (Client)

Louisa Whitney, LKW Family Mediation

Claire Deacon recently provided an earning capacity report™ to assist a separated couple in mediation with me. There are often issues regarding work with disputes about how much a party might be able to work, and what level of income they might be expected to achieve. This is an issue where it is often challenging to find common ground so being able to obtain an expert report from an experienced professional really helped to inform their discussions so that they were able to find a way forward based on what was objectively realistic with regard to work. Claire’s report was thorough in having researched and evaluated all of the potential options based on the experience the person had. It also dealt with the question of the hours that were able to be worked together with the salary that might reasonably be expected, and the timeframe within which this was likely to be achieved. It was a really useful report that ultimately led to the parties being able to find a way forward.  Louisa Whitney, LKW Family Mediation

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